Ditch the ordinary and let your Online shop POP!

Customise your online shop

Build and customise your unique storefront with TackThis! themes.

No coding background? No worries! TackThis! is made for those with absolutely no knowledge of coding!

Our user friendly system lets you effortlessly choose your colour palette and display layout.

Layouts that fit your online business!

Bring out the best of your products by choosing a layout that is skewed to your product and website dimensions.

Choose from the different coloured themes or even customise your own colour palette to create your store's unique look and flavour!

Ultimate Online Shopping Experience

From our easy to navigate catalogue page to our quick and simple checkout system, we make sure that your customers receive the best online shopping experience with TackThis!

Building your Online Store in a breeze!

Convenience at your fingertips!

Here at TackThis, we believe that convenience is key. That's why we brought all the fundamental elements of your shop together at one place.

Configure your payment currency, payment options and delivery options in just a matter of seconds!

With all the major payment gateways available to choose from, your customers will have the freedom to pat with their preferred method of payment!

No API integration hassles are required! Simply key in your respective payment account IDs and you are set to collect payments online!

Customised delivery details

Configure your delivery options by entering your key shipping details (i.e. handling fee, tax, shipping location/region). This one-time off configuration enables TackThis! to tally up the shipping cost for your customers' purchases.

Run your online business with ease!

Essential figures

Effectively manage your customers, sales orders and transactions. With TackThis!, all the key figures are delivered to your fingertips so that you can run the store with ease.

Keep tabs on your sales

Get monthly, daily and even hourly updates of your sales transactions and sales volume. TackThis feeds you the vital information needed to fine-tune your sales and marketing campaigns!

Manage your inventory easily!

With an integrated system, your inventory will be instantaneously updated every time someone makes a purchase from any one of your storefronts!

Sell Online!

Just copy & paste!

With TackThis! you can easily integrate your storefront with your social media platforms!

You can Tack your online store to any blog, website and Facebook page simply by embedding the code generated by TackThis onto your site!

Your customers can shop wherever, whenever!

Generate your E-Store's unique code at a click of a button. After building your store front, simply hit the "Tack Your Shop" button and your store's unique code would instantly be generated!

Kick start your store simply by pasting your code onto your website and/or blog or by adding your TackThis shop to your Facebook page!

P.S. TackThis! is the only platform that can be used on LiveJournal!

Centralised Inventory Management

Manage all your embedded storefronts through one single platform! Our centralised inventory system lets you manage your sales orders and transactions from your different storefronts (i.e. Facebook shop, Wordpress, LiveJournal, etc.) all at one place. You can have more store fronts with absolutely zero fuss!

Promotions, promotions and more promotion tools!

Customisable promotion tools

Offer special promotions to give your sales volume a boost! TackThis! gives you the ability to customise the percentage of discount and time frame for each promotion!

Add and manage your promotions easily with the "Promotions" tab. Create your promotions simply by selecting the date, discount value and selecting your desired products!

Social selling made simple!

TackThis even allows you to create a shared promotion which rewards customers for sharing your product on their Facebook wall!

The more the merrier!

A special discount is automatically given to your customers when they purchase all the selected items from your bundle deal basket!